Best Meal Subscription Boxes for Families & Busy Moms (2020)

Mother of two, Claire Tansey, lives in a tiny apartment in East London with her husband and two sons. In order to get the boys to eat something green, she has to source anything from the corner shop to add to a packed lunch. Her eldest son eats mainly boxed lunches (He eats a ridiculously fast sandwich for his packed lunch and a fruit snack and orange for his afternoon snack – he also has a packet of biscuits at the end of the day, all for only £10!

This Month we are very lucky to be in the 20th month of the cuisine box subscription service. There are, of course, hundreds of food delivery services such as Hello Fresh, and each one will feature a different variation on delicious plans, but we all know how difficult it is to find certain ingredients when you are in the middle of a major Asian import hunt, and we love the peace of mind of knowing exactly what’s in each box. The ingredients are pre-portioned, so you know exactly what you’re getting, and we adore the fact that the ingredients for each box are exclusive to them.

Easily the best food subscription box we have ever reviewed, the Ramen Noodle Box is so convenient and it feels like we’re not getting the average packaged sandwich in the middle of the week! The ingredients are nicely pre-portioned to ensure everything has a minimum amount of ingredients. Each box also comes with a recipe book with 150+ delicious recipes from the popular Japanese food brand.

Best Mombake box for eating in the week

Mombake is a real favorite with our team, they make their own products and are super knowledgeable. Every month we get a brand new box filled with beautiful food, delivered to our door. They have a specific section for single-ingredient products, so you can sample and build up your recipe repertoire. The boxes are reasonably priced (£25 per box) and it feels great knowing exactly what you’re putting in your kid’s mouths.

A best meal subscription box for families with a variety of preferences

We know not everyone loves meat, and who can blame them? There are actually so many companies creating meat subscription boxes, from a range of meat-based products. They range in price, from £2.80 for a quarter chicken and £4.20 for a whole rack of pork. The feeling of indulgence and getting to pick from all the different products to fill the box is such a nice feeling and it’s a great way to explore different types of meat.

The Morrisons Family box is another option, you can choose what to buy and the individual family members get the items of their choice, based on their preferences and size.

Meat subscription box for the Adventurous Families

Wolf and Stein is a fantastic subscription box, filled with any of their delicious meat-based products, that they have ever made. Their food is so good and it’s so affordable, we are always so surprised by how much we all love the products. The contents of the box are always perfect for a weeknight dinner and we love their commitment to freshness, by shipping as soon as possible after production.

If you love delicious meat products and are a fan of Wolf and Stein, get involved with their brand new subscription box, it’s going to be like being a part of the production team!

A best meal subscription box for a friend

‘Spoonful of Awesome’ is a meal subscription box created to celebrate everyone’s love of the meal we love to eat. With a subscription costing only £10 a month, you can choose which recipes you want to receive, and can always add more food, to make a month’s worth of meals. As well as recipes, the box also has simple instructions on how to cook the recipes. We love the simplicity of it, and that it comes with tons of little tips, making it a great way to up your cooking skills. We have been using this service for months and love every recipe we have ever received!

 My Favorite Meal Subscription Services?

I hope I have helped you discover a new subscription box that you would like to try out. We have tried out quite a few, but I always recommend you try out a few before deciding which one is right for you and your family! You may have realized that we also like coming up with our own monthly box ideas, and we hope you have enjoyed this guide on which meat subscription boxes are amazing. If you have any suggestions for us to feature, please do get in touch!

Parents, if you’re struggling to find something fun and creative for your kids to make this weekend, give them a chance to put some time in cooking. These fun meal kit services are perfect for that age range.

Hello Fresh

A service that has caught my eye recently however is a very different one, and it’s one I’m thinking of signing up for myself very soon: the Hello Fresh meal subscription service, which was launched in Australia last month.

As the name suggests, Hello Fresh is for those who are both lazy and happy to eat the same thing every week. You get three meals a week delivered to your door, which you then cook at home and which you are supposed to enjoy. And eat.

I’m going to start off by saying Hello Fresh was very easy to sign up to. The service is offered in six states and territories around Australia, but here in New South Wales the service is currently only offered in Sydney. Once you’ve signed up, you are immediately given your delivery dates and prices. Great for those who are following intermitted fasting protocol.

Meal of the Day

If you know a child who loves to cook, this is the meal subscription box for them. It has kid-friendly recipes that are easy to follow and requires minimal prep work.

Barilla MAMA Meals

This meal kit service comes with age-appropriate recipes for your kids to make on their own. Recipes include a family-size healthy and gluten-free pasta dish, a flavor-packed burrito bowl, and a sweet and savory dessert.

The Kraft Dinner

This box from Kraft is perfect for kids that like to create their own dinners at home. They can choose from seven fun recipe options for a perfect weeknight meal.

Green Chef

This meal kit subscription service provides you with a variety of kid-friendly recipes to prepare using your own fresh ingredients. Choose from kid-friendly dishes such as pizza dough, fresh pasta, chicken pot pie, yum chicken tacos, chicken salad and lasagna.

A meal in a Bag

Not all meal kits are created equal. You can also opt to take a closer look at meal kits that include snacks and beverages. These personalized options would be great for busy families.

Rachael Ray’s Rachael Ray’s Family Meals Box

This is a great choice if you’d like to feed your family healthy meals that are easy to make. You can customize your box to include chicken, salmon, quinoa, rice, and beans.

Tenderhearted Meal

This family-size family meal subscription box comes with kid-friendly recipes that can feed an entire family. You can select from a variety of dishes, including meals based on your kids’ likes and dislikes.

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